<FONT COLOR=black>Six ways to iron your clothes without an iron

You can probably relate to this: you have an important appointment, and you want to look your best, so you’ve got your outfit ready to go. Just as you’re taking your clothes from their hangers, you see they’re full of wrinkles. Argh! If you don't have an iron or ironing board at hand, you can't smooth them out. Now what? Well, don't worry! We’ve got 6 great tips to help you easily remove the creases without an iron.

  1. A warm hair dryer

Your hair dryer is not just great for getting your hair into shape; it also has many other functions. In fact, you can also use it to remove the creases you’ve just discovered. Follow these steps: hold the hair dryer about 5-10 cm away from your clothes and set it to medium heat. Go back and forth over the wrinkles and you’ll see that they’ll fade away. This tip works best when your garment is still damp!

  1. Your hair straightener

Just like for your hair, you can also use the straightener to smooth out your clothes. This tip is the same as your iron, using two surfaces! It's best to use this tip for smaller surfaces on your clothes, like your collar or sleeves. Be careful not to put it on the highest setting, as you might cause a burn.

  1. The dryer and ice cubes

It may sound a bit weird, but this tip still works wonders. Put your garment (make sure it’s dryer-proof) in the dryer with a few ice cubes and put it on a warm setting. Start with two to three minutes to see how fast it goes. The melted ice creates steam, which makes the creases disappear.

  1. A towel

Not to dry with, but to “iron”. Place your garment on a straight, hard surface such as the table. Take a damp towel and place it on top of your garment. Press the towel a little and leave it for a while. Et voilà, your wrinkles will be gone! This hack does take a bit longer, but it’s also very effective.

  1. Anti-crease spray

A great very good option too! Anti-crease spray is pretty much the fastest way to get your clothes smooth. You can buy this spray at various supermarkets, household shops or, of course, online.

  1. The shower

Did you discover the crease in time? Hang your garment in the bathroom if you have yet to shower. The heat and steam of the shower can make the creases (partially) disappear, even if you don’t take a long shower. By the way, you can also create the same effect with your kettle or a cup of tea. This does take a bit longer and works best for small areas.

Written by Martens Fashion Group

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